They ran around and after each other as the sun set behind some gorgeous Eastern Oregon woods. My time with this family was pure JOY! I mean come on guys, that golden light and those beautiful genuine smiles and laughter!? All fun aside though, I find it so important to have a good time during shoots. Yes posed shots are great and I always try to get a few, but what is more important to me is to let my families have a good time together, challenge them to out beat each other in who can laugh the loudest, or who can make the silliest faces. It is when kids feel safe and relaxed that these gorgeous images come to life! And it also makes it easier on the ones who might not be huge fans of going to a photoshoot! My goal is for the family to leave our time together always wanting to come back for more, because it was so easy and fun and they got amazing portraits to last a lifetime! So, YES, I absolutely challenge the husbands, who typically hate going to shoots, bring your family to me and let me change your mind about photoshoots! Whose bringing their husbands?! Come on out!